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How to Make Hot Pink Candy Apples (or Any Color!!) 

** Not from blogger: These are candy apples… as in hard candy apples.   You know…  hard candy – like Life Savers or Jaw Breakers.  For my whole life, we’ve bought candy apples at the county fair and they’re hard … as in tooth-breaking, super-hard, gotta-lick-them-to-get-to-the-apple HARD.  That’s the way they’re meant to be!!  

These are not caramel apples, soft or chewy or sticky.  They are hard.  I’m telling you this just in case anybody tries them then decides they want to send me a nasty email about how they’re hard and you can’t eat them … don’t bother.   Yes, they’re hard, yes, you can eat them… and I already know